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The Alcohol Management Program

We are pleased to provide our Alcohol Management Program to clients outside of Vancouver. This highly effective method of alcohol management has been developed over the last ten years and draws on experience with literally thousands of clients.

Our approach to getting your alcohol use into a comfortable place – either moderated or complete elimination – has been a life changing exercise for many people.

You will be taken through a series of steps, first preparing you and then leading you through easy ‘step downs’ to regain control of your alcohol use. Exercises along the way help you understand why and how your use of alcohol has developed.

Along the way you will have the benefit of effective and well proven self hypnosis files, to reinforce your will. This original and effective system will quite literally change your life.

Our comfortable and non-judgemental approach to changing your alcohol use is now in use by hundreds of therapists.

Buy The Alcohol Management Program – $74.95

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