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Three tricks to bring instant feelings of happiness.

Many people come to hypnotherapy to change the way they feel. Often the causes of their discomfort are associated with a trigger or a past association. These can become overwhelming in some circumstances, and that’s when most people ask for help.

Many people would agree, however, that even in a state of depression or panic, their feelings are not consistent. They fluctuate with deeply unhappy moments and other moments that are manageable. In other words the way we feel about things is extremely fluid.

We are often told, ‘I just want to feel better’. The quest to find a way to feel better can lead through various bad behavior, from drugs and alcohol to uncharacteristic social activity. Well, hypnotherapy can kickstart people into a shift in their outlook, and their behaviour.

There is, however, a strange phenomenon we human all share. Our memories can be both steered and generate predictable responses. So here are three very simple experiments to prove a point.

  1. Think of a group of your friends. Pick about three or four. Be specific and if you feel like it write down their names. Now, think of each one laughing. How do they look, what do they say as they chuckle or giggle. Can you picture them together with you, laughing?
  2. I asked each of our therapists to provide a song that makes them feel up beat and happy. Four of them are listed below. Now, here’s a little competition if you feel like giving it a go. If you are the first to get it right I will offer you a free slot at our next hypnotherapy workshop in Vancouver. Hey, that’s worth $325, so it’s worth trying!


Each of the above videos is a piece music that our therapists have chosen as their ‘pick me up’ songs. ‘Pick me up’ means elevating your mood, in case you are not sure… So, which one of the therapists – in this case, Kary, Aigin, Angie and myself, chose which song? Send your entries to admin@VancouverHypnotherapy.org

To show just how much taste varies, I should add that at least one of the songs above makes me want to go out and hang myself. Perhaps that’s because I grew up with The Smiths. Who can tell?

3. Think of yourself laughing, and the last time you found yourself laughing uncontrollably.

Each one of these activities stirs up feelings of happiness and instant euphoria. The music one is very easy to institute every day. Simply pick a song that works for you, and make sure that when you get up in the morning it’s blasting out in the bathroom as you get up and get ready to face the day.

Have fun with this idea for an instant pick me up. If you need something a little more, give us a call  Vancouver Hypnotherapy at 604 484 0346.



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