Downloadable products.

You can use Separated But Thriving as a source for some valuable downloadable products. One of our most popular is a self hypnosis file that simply helps release your feelings about a former partner. Many people have used this to great effect over the years. You can download it here:

Alternatively you may feel your separation is the result of multiple issues. The reality is that few relationships end for one single reason. There are often a combination of reasons; your partners behaviour, your own responses to situations, and even some old inherited or learned fears from the distant past. Sometimes we simply need to release all that baggage. If you feel this is the case, try our self hypnosis file to help release the emotional baggage you are carrying around from years gone by. You can download it here:

Sometimes our driving requirement is to change our own behaviour. It’s not you, it’s me! Sound familiar? Well, perhaps what we need to think about is reinventing ourselves in a new image. It’s not as hard as you may think. Here’s a good place to start:

We both know these things are never simple. Well, you are not going through this entirely alone. We’re here to help. If you’d like to get some one on one help, we can help. If you’d like a male therapist, or a female therapist, we can assign your preference. Just contact us at admin@VancouverHypnotherapy.Org and mention Separated But Thriving. Typically we’ll ask you to connect with us on Skype as that really is the most powerful way to connect, so you will want to get that organised before long. Details of our online Skype therapy and counselling are below.

Counselling and therapy.

We do provide counseling and therapy services through Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. We have been using hypnotherapy to work with relationship issues since 2007 with great effect. A Skype hypnosis session will often dissipate anxiety and settle things into a more comfortable place. Thesesessions are available from 9 am to 9 pm Pacific Standard time. 9 pm PST is midnight in New York. Noon PST is 8 pm in London. We can help you somewhere in your day for sure.

If you need someone to talk to, counselling or therapy we are happy to assist. All counseling and therapy is done via Skype. If you need immediate assistance we would suggest using one of the downloadable therapies here or on Ultimate Hypnosis Downloads.


SKYPE Hypnosis Sessions

Skype or Google Hangouts can be used for online hypnosis sessions. We started work delivering hypnotherapy online as far back as 2007. In those days it seemed a little unlikely, but something people were willing to try. Subsequently online hypnosis has become quite mainstream. We now use either Skype or Google Hangouts for our online hypnosis sessions, as well as counseling services for our clients.

Everything you see on our website can be delivered via Skype. Our addictions work is particularly in demand over Skype. You are guaranteed a degree of confidentiality and continuity of treatment that is not always possible in a physical environment.

Conducting an Online Hypnosis Session

You will need to sign up for a Skype account online. It is free to join.  Click the “Join” button and fill out the necessary information, it only takes minutes. You will pick a Skype name. This is your unique username and this is how people will connect to you and find you on Skype. Don’t make it too difficult. Once you have your account all set up you are ready to have your online hypnosis session.

What’s Next for my Online Skype Hypnosis Session?

  • Call us on Skype to let us know you are interested in receiving an online hypnotherapy session via Skype and we can discuss it further over the phone. Our main Skype id is: vanbc1963
  • You are required to commit and pay for 3 sessions paid up front. You can do this using the button below. Depending on the nature of the issue the counseling and therapy may take more than three sessions. Payment will be collected before the first session via credit card.
  • We will email you a self-hypnosis MP3, and suggest three times which may be suitable. If none of these work, we’ll select three more, until we find times that work. We do understand that you may be in other time zones. Don’t worry – we work usually 9 am – 9 pm Pacific Standard Time. We’ll make something work.
  • You are required to sign up for as you will be using a number of downloadable files and MP3s.
  • We may ask you to sumarize your situation before your session via email.
  • We will allocate you to one of our therapists, who will contact you via Skype.
  • We are usually able to accommodate a Skype client within about 36 hours.

For an Online Hypnosis Session You will need:

  • You need an internet connection.
  • You need a webcam on your computer or laptop so that the hypnotherapist can see you.
  • You need a headset that has earphones and a microphone.
  • You need enough light so that we can clearly see your face.
  • You need to be sitting in a comfortable chair facing the computer.
  • Have your phone handy but set to “silent”. This in case we loose the internet connection. This is rare but should we need to, we can call you and organize reconnecting.
  • No coffee, tea or drinks for an hour before the session. We Can’t afford any bathroom breaks.

How Much Does it Cost to do Online Hypnosis?

You will be buying 3 sessions at Can$157.50 x 3 plus GST at 5%. This totals Can$ 496.12. On receipt of payment we will contact you regarding your sessions.

  • You can pay now if you wish, and we will contact you within 24 hours. Pay for your Skype Sessions using the button below.


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